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New Jersey Landlord/Tenant Leads

Our landlord/tenant leads provide daily, filtered data on 058 tenancy disputes. Information includes:

  • Case title
  • Court date
  • Plaintiff name
  • Tenant address
  • Amount of money demanded

All of this is available in a comprehensive Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

We download leads the same day they are entered into New Jersey’s statewide computer system. Then we arrange them into a comprehensive Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet. The spreadsheet arrives in your inbox before 5:00 a.m. every morning from Tuesday to Friday.

How Leads are Filtered

Leads are filtered according to your preferences. These preferences include:

Municipality of Dispute – Legal Plex lets you monitor violations in any of New Jersey’s 565 municipalities. You may choose as few or as many as you need.

ZIP Code Block List – Underperforming and non-performing ZIP codes with few potential clients can be added to your “Block List.” You will not receive any leads from blocked areas.

Minimum Cash Amount – You can choose to block claims under a certain monetary threshold. For example, you may decide to block leads on conflicts involving under $2,000.

You can edit preferences from your online Legal Plex account at any time. Editing is fast and easy.

How Many Leads to Expect

The number of leads delivered to your inbox is up to you. However, our system helps you make educated guesses and better marketing choices.

The Legal Plex dashboard contains an “info” icon next to the name of each town. Just hover your arrow over the icon to see how much activi

ty is projected for a seven day, 30 day, or 90 day period. Exact population numbers are also available for the town in question.

If the town looks appealing, you can select it to receive leads on any charges you’re interested in within that town.

Sometimes selected towns will have more leads than you want to receive. In that case, you may limit the number of leads delivered to your inbox to suit your purposes. Limits can be set on a weekly or monthly basis.

How We Ensure Accuracy

Want to save yourself some money?

We want to save you money too. That’s why lead addresses are compared to a USPS database to remove undeliverable entries. A 48 month NCOA search is also done to make sure each entry matches the lead’s most recent address.

This is the most thorough search provided by any legal marketing company in New Jersey.

Our address confirmations ensure minimal return mail and save you thousands on postage each year. That means you have even more money to invest in reaching the best clients.

When you’re happy, we’re happy.

Getting Started

Getting started is fast and easy. In fact, you can get a preview of our system right now. Download a sample Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to see the advantages firsthand:

New Jersey Landlord Tenant Leads for Attorneys in CSV Format

This spreadsheet contains the same information as the ones that will be delivered to your inbox. Client information, ZIP code, municipality, and more are all available.

Have any more questions? Feel free to give us a call at 1 888 599 PLEX.