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North Carolina Criminal & DUI Leads
Customized Lead Generation Solutions For Law Firms

  Criminal & DUI Leads

Did you know that there are are about 1.4 million arrest made each year for driving under the influence ( DUI) in the United States? There’s a huge opportunity to grow your law firm. We can help you get more clients who are looking for assistance with their DUI cases. As a criminal defense attorney, you help people who are facing criminal charges. Our Criminal and DUI lead generation services are designed to provide you with high-quality leads to ensure that your practice has continued success.

Right Leads. Right Time

Our leads provide daily, filtered data on a wide variety of trademark filings. A few of our features include: Automatic Filters to eliminate needless companies and office actions. Set daily, weekly or monthly limits.

How Leads Are Filtered

Leads are filtered according to your preferences. These preferences include: Unwanted Office Actions, State of Filer, and Zip Code Block List. can edit preferences from your online Legal Plex account at any time. Editing is fast and easy


Lead addresses are compared to a USPS database to remove undeliverable entries. A 48 month NCOA search is also done to make sure each entry matches the lead’s most recent address.

Let us customize a Lead Generation Solution for your firm!

          Attorneys Love Us

  • The LegalPlex software is great, but their people are better. Whenever I contact them they are prompt to reply and always eager to help solve my issue. They even built custom features into the application just for my firm. I love these guys!

  • The online system is simple enough for everyone in our firm to use, but powerful enough to make an impact. We can lookup client information, access documents and send out invoices from anywhere - even the courthouse!

  • LegalPlex has helped our firm grow over 500% in the past 3 years. We simply login to our account, add more towns and the next day we have more phone calls.  They have allowed me to focus on being a lawyer rather than a marketer.

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