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5 Marketing and Promotion Strategies To Get Your Content Discovered

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It’s no secret a well-executed content marketing campaign can produce a good return on investment.

According to Demand Metric, content marketing creates three times more leads than the majority of outbound marketing strategies at 62 percent less cost.

Content Marketing Strategies


As marketers pad their budgets with additional money to invest in content marketing this year, one technique that usually gets ignored is content promotion.

Based on a survey by the Content Marketing Institute, 55 percent of B2B marketers were not even certain what a successful content marketing campaign looked like!


Content Marketing

 Content without promotion is much like link building without links or creating a landing page without a call to action. That’s exactly why promotion should take equivalent focus with creation.

Let’s check out seven tried-and-true content promotion strategies that will drive traffic to your content and website.

1. Paid social promotion

Paid social promotion can be probably among the most exact strategies accessible to market your content to individuals who are interested in and most likely to engage with your content.

For instance, by utilizing Facebook’s Audience Insights, companies can segment audience lists by select boundaries, such as demographics, psychographics, and intent. This enables marketers to develop audience segments that are a lot more in line with their brand and certain topics of content on their website. There are numerous benefits of paid social promotion :

  • Boost website traffic with relevant visitors.
  • Produce more conversions by marketing to individuals with high purchasing intent.
  • Acquaint users with your brand.

Even advertising content over native or display ads can help to improve brand recall for customers who discover your website in future searches. Only now, they’ll think of your brand as a bit of an authority simply because they’re already familiar with your brand.

Having to pay to promote your content over advertising channels is a great way to cut through the noise and the competition.

Paid promotion is also an outstanding technique to target people who have interacted with your website or blog in the past month. Remarketing not only raises your chance of reclaiming a missed conversion, however it also helps to foster brand loyalty by offering them useful content determined by their past consumption.

Before considering a paid promotion strategy, it’s key to have your main goals outlined. These can consist of improving readership for your content or producing more conversions on your website. With these in mind, you can quantify the effect of these strategies and assess their success

2. Targeted sharing

Facebook is no longer the business to consumer ( B2C ) marketing giant it was previously; after its last algorithm update, it restricted organic reach for business posts on the platform.

One method to reach more people over social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram is through targeted sharing.

Targeted sharing is fundamentally tagging someone in a post in hopes that they will share your content with their audience. Listed here are some ways to do that :

  • Link to people in the snippet who would be interested in your article.
  • Link to sources featured in the article directly in the snippet.
  • Directly engage industry peers with a question or point of debate in the snippet to curate conversation over a topic.

Twitter’s advanced search tool enables you to discover people in your niche who are close to you geographically, using certain hashtags and more:

 Content Marketing
Instagram not too long ago released a “follow” hashtag that enables users to view content in their newsfeed using a certain hashtag. This has opened up a completely new platform for businesses to reach more customers over Instagram who are already interested in your industry.

3. Use videos over social media

An alternative tested approach to cut through the noise on social media channels is to incorporate videos into your content.

The data around video marketing are absolutely amazing :

Google claims that half of the internet users “search for a video related to a product or service before going to a store .”
Views on sponsored videos on Facebook increased 258 percent between June 2016 and June 2017.

Including a video on a landing page can substantially increase your conversion rate. In my opinion, the demand for video content over social media far outpaces the demand for written content.

Video can also be more engaging than written content. A compounding or viral video is the definition of a gift that keeps on giving.

Obviously, there’s always a caveat. Hosting a lengthy, informational video on your content can deter click-throughs to your landing page, particularly if it’s used to promote written content. You are better off posting a teaser video, an eye-catching image or a graphics interchange format ( GIF ) in your content to compel users to navigate to the landing page.

4. Influencer marketing

The influencer marketing is among the most underutilized tools in our industry.

Influencer marketing is highly effective in theory. Not only will influencer shares introduce your content to a new audience, it confers trustworthiness in the eyes of that audience.

Based on a study from MuseFind, 92 percent of people trust influencers more than advertisements or celebrities.

There are numerous methods to approach this strategy: You can reach out to influencers directly in your industry to share your content or engage in a promotion partnership.

Give some thought to using tools such as Followerwonk and Intelligence to locate active influencers in your industry to reach out to.

You could also mention an influencer within your content or link to them in a social media snippet to get their attention. This increases the chances that they will share your content to promote their own brand. Consequently, this increases your content’s quantity of shares and link opportunities.

5. Content syndication

Content syndication is not new to search engine optimization ( SEO), however, it’s very rarely the center of many content marketing strategies. Content syndication is an excellent strategy to immediately grow your audience reach with minimal effort.

Make sure you research before determining a site for syndication. Inquire about their analytics to see what their visitor traffic is like and monitor keywords to identify the topics of discussion being held.

If you choose to syndicate content on sites like LinkedIn, Medium or community forums, it’s best to be picky. Only share your very best content.

If you do take part in a content community, keep in mind that half of your responsibility is also sharing other people’s content to continue to be an active member. This will help establish meaningful relationships across your industry for potential link opportunities and shares.

Final thoughts

Content marketing has taken on a life of its own as a buzzword in our industry. With decreased organic reach over both search and many social channels, it’s never been more vital to concentrate on promotion strategies that cut through the noise and get content discovered.

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