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Direct Mail Marketing: How IT Helps

 In Direct Mail Marketing

As technology evolves it has become more competitive for attorneys and law firms to strategically connect with potential clients through email and social media platforms. Direct Mail Marketing is an efficient and cost-effective marketing strategy for attorneys/law firms to grow their practice and to attract clients who need their help.

Direct Mail Marketing is one of the most known and used marketing strategies for attorneys and law firms because it is not only effective but it is quick. Producing letters, brochures and catalogs on a daily basis that are mailed out to specifically geographically chosen leads that attorneys/ law firms wish to represent.

Today technology is constantly changing and improving which is why attorneys and law firms have been choosing to take a more technology based approach when connecting with potential clients. However, they have not been as effective as they would be if they were using Direct Mail.

Despite the fact that technology is much more advanced than it used to be, everyone still goes outside to check the mail. How often do you check your email or another messaged based platform and scroll through the messages quickly, deleting anything that looks like spam or even uninteresting to you?  It is slightly easier to get a potential client to read a personalized letter, where you explain your experience and how you can help them if the message is in their own hands.

Here are some benefits of Direct Mail Marketing:

  • You choose your own potential leads based on your personal requirements
  • You can completely customize your direct mail.
  • You can measure your results through tracking
  • You can preview your print content before it is sent out
  • You can control how many leads you send direct mail to

This proves Direct Mail Marketing Works!

  • Direct mail continues to be used heavily, with a 43% share of total local retail advertising. And, according to a Pitney Bowes survey, 76% of small businesses say their ideal marketing strategy encompasses a combination of both print and digital communication.
  • The average response rate for physical mail is 4.4% while the rate for email is just 0.12%.
  •  80% of traditional mail is opened while 80% of emails is disregarded (just 20% is read). Other surveys showed that the opening rate for prospecting physical mail is 91% against 11% for advertising emails.
  • In America, 98% of consumers get their mail the same day it is delivered and 77% check it immediately. Actually, 70% of Americans prefer to read on paper and 67% prefer printed materials over digital.

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