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Google’s Content Removal Policy


Google is now eradicating medical records from their search results. The slight change in the Google removal policy now explicitly adds a single line that reads, “Confidential, personal medical records of private people”. However, these changes will not affect search advertising. Along with removing personal medical records, Google will also eliminate content such as Social Security Number, bank account numbers and images of signatures. The reason behind this sudden change has not been known.

3 Must-Do’s for SEO

Keyword grouping refers to the group of keywords that will essentially help inform your site’s content. This strategy allows you to progress your SEO workflow and help you understand how each keywords makes an impact. With keyword grouping, it also allows you to choose which landing page creation you would like to prioritize based on the most favorable keyword groups.

Doing competitive research is vital for SEOs and marketers in a company. Keeping track of your competitor’s marketing activities can assist you in uncovering your competitor’s organic keywords.

As the usage of mobile devices continues to grow, mobile metrics is important. Mobile algorithm is now in recreation, although Google has not yet fully finalized its mobile-first index. However, it is significant to watch over mobile rankings and keep an eye out on changes. Comparing desktop and mobile rankings will help you to find factors that you can consider utilizing when optimizing research.

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