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Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising For Attorneys

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Pay Per Click, aka (PPC) is a form of paid advertising where you pay for your ad to show up in the search engine results pages, whereas with search engine optimization (SEO), you have to optimize your website to rank higher in the search engines. Paid search advertising will get you to the top of the result pages instantly because you’re paying to be there. With PPC, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad.

Pay Per Click advertising is a great way for attorneys to get more leads for their practice and grow their business. Let’s face it, getting more leads takes time. However, time is money. That’s why pay per click advertising can provide your law firm with immediate results. This can help improve your return on investment in the long run.

PPC advertising is done with the Google AdWords advertising platform. AdWords provides you with many awesome features to reach your intended target audience and get more leads for your business. A well optimized Google AdWords campaign will provide your firm with the best results possible.

Here’s how you can target your ads on Google:

Keyword Targeting: choose words or phrases that are relevant to your product or services, which will allow potential customers to find your business.

Location & Language Targeting: allows you to choose the language and geographic locations where you want your ads to be shown.

Device Targeting: With this feature, you have the ability to show your ads to users on desktop or mobile devices. You can even optimize them to improve performance.

Audience Targeting: you can show your ads to people who have recently visited your site using remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA).

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