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Remarketing: What You Should Know

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Have you ever visited a website and all of a sudden you start seeing ads everywhere you go on that website? If so, you’ve been remarketed, that’s because that company has a remarketing campaign to show you ads on their product and services. This is a good way to get your attention and hopefully get you to make a purchase, etc.

How Does Remarketing Work?

Remarketing is actually not that complicated, you can run ads with Google AdWords and also Facebook. You simply have to add a code in the header of your website so that it will show on all of your pages. Once installed, users that visit your website will be added to your list so that you can show them relevant ads about your business. Typically you will need 20-100 users on your list before you can start your remarketing campaign. You can also choose how long people should stay on your as well, from 7 days to over 500 days for Google and 180 days for Facebook.

Remain Connected To Your Audience

Remarketing allows you to stay connected with your audience even when they aren’t on your website. This means that they will still see your brand when they are on other websites or even Facebook. This is a good way to bring more exposure to your brand. Remarketing is all about awareness, a person might not make a purchase the firs time but they are more likely to when they keep seeing your ads.

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